2019 Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Weekend of Teachings
Friday 17, 8pm to Sunday 19 May, 1pm

A weekend of teachings with a highly learned Tibetan Buddhist Lama and author. Trained in all schools –Read more–

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2019 Peaceful Mind, Loving Heart

Peaceful Mind, Loving Heart

Meditations for Finding Peace and Developing Loving Kindness
with Andrew Warr and Veronica Nicholson
Saturday 6 July, 7pm – Saturday 13 July, 1pm–Read more–

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2019 Kum Nye Yoga

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Body & Mind, Comfort & Ease
Free Spirit event with Matt Padwick
Tuesday 24 September, 11am to Thursday 26 September, 1pm

Everyone is welcome –Read more–

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2019 Not a Digital Detox

Not a Digital Detox

with Jonathan Garner
Friday 8 November, 8pm to Sunday 10 November, 1pm

Everyone is welcome to this retreat and no prior experience of –Read more–

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2019 Natural Great Peace

Natural Great Peace

For anyone with previous experience of meditation
Free Spirit event with Andrew Warr
Friday 29 November, 8pm to Friday 6 December, 1pm

This retreat is open to anyone with –Read more–

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2019 Good in the Beginning

Good in the Beginning

Our Annual New Year Retreat
with Andrew Warr
Saturday 28 December, 11am to Wednesday 1 January, 1pm Everyone is welcome to this retreat and –Read more–

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2020 Mindful and Aware

Mindful and Aware

Free Retreat for Younger People 18-30
Tuesday 7 January, 11am to Thursday 9 January, 1pm


  • Guided meditation and contemplations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Time for rest, relaxation and enjoying –Read more–
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2020 Finding Peace January

Finding Peace

Learn how to meditate and to bring its benefit into daily life
with Andrew Warr
Friday 17 January, 8pm to Sunday 19 January, 1pm Everyone is –Read more–

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2020 Taking Charge of your Life

Taking Charge of your Life

with Kirsten DeLeo
Friday 24 January, 8pm – Sunday 26 January, 1pm This is a highly participatory programme.


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