Good in the Beginning

New Year Retreat

Fri 28 Dec 2018, 11am – Tue 1 January 2019, 1pm

Traditionally the New Year is a time for making a fresh start and seeing what direction we would like our life to take.

This retreat is an ideal opportunity to reflect on our priorities and to begin the coming year in a way in tune with our natural wish for true happiness and well-being.

The essence of developing a spiritual approach to life is learning to embrace any situation as an opportunity to become more aware, genuine and open-hearted. During this retreat we will focus on the practices of meditation, loving-kindness and compassion which help us to do this.

These exceptionally skilful methods show us how to work with our minds and hearts, and connect us with a wiser and more authentic way of being. In an inspiring and supportive retreat environment we can begin to familiarise ourselves with these qualities so that we begin to embody them and can apply them to help us to face and overcome difficulties in our daily life .

The retreat will include video teachings by meditation masters, presentations, guided meditation, personal reflection, discussions and time to enjoy the natural beauty of Dzogchen Beara.

“I loved this retreat. I feel like a new person- one that I like, what an achievement!” (Cathy)

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Fee €370
Concession €305

Limited accommodation is available on-site. Book early!
A list of hostels and B&B’s in the nearby area can be downloaded here.

Vegetarian lunches and light evening meals are provided. The cost is included in your fee.
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Andrew Warr
Andrew WarrRigpa International Senior Instructor
Andrew Warr has had a regular meditation practice for 40 years and has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation since 1982. He has been teaching meditation for over 20 years and since 2001 has been leading courses, seminars, and retreats, principally on the subject of loving kindness, in Europe, Australia and North America. He has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1984 and has taken a prominent role in designing curriculum courses in Rigpa over many years. With great clarity, warmth and humour, Andrew skilfully guides people through the teachings and practices, and shows how these can be applied to our everyday life.