Hostel Renovations

We’re delighted that work is on schedule and the hostel will reopen soon after extensive renovations. With a new roof, improved fire safety, extra dormitory beds, an upstairs bathroom, a new environmentally friendly heating system, the cottage is improved in every way while retaining the unique ambience that has charmed visitors for the last 30 years.

Originally the home of the Murphy family, the farmhouse was occupied by Peter and Harriet Cornish a year after they moved to Garranes and before it became Dzogchen Beara. In his memoir Dazzled by Daylight Peter describes the first renovation that the cottage underwent!

“We smashed the concrete floor, dug it out, levelled it and laid down a screed. Then I spent weeks chipping cement from the backs of octagonal quarry tiles that I got in Edinburgh, for the price of a drink, when they renovated the Royal Scottish Museum. I laid the tiles and discovered the Irish drainage system that I had just destroyed. A summer deluge sent water cascading down the mountain and in through the back door of the house. The whole floor was deep underwater. We learnt from neighbours that it wasn’t meant to be level. It had been carefully sloped from the east and the west to the centre, and then from the north to the south. When there was a rain storm, the water would flow in the back door, across the room in a neat rivulet and out through the door at the south. You could sit by the fire with the stream behind you, and not even get your feet wet.” Peter Cornish, Dazzled by Daylight, Chapter 15

We’re happy to say that the floor still has the same tiles, the fire place is the same and that the damp-proofing is now better than ever!

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