We were delighted to host to host Her Eminence Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche’s first visit to Ireland this May 20-22.

Her wisdom and the joyful clarity of her presence delighted and inspired the 125 retreatants gathered for this special weekend of teachings on ‘Transforming Negative Emotions; The Five Slogans Of Machig Labdron’.

We were profoundly grateful that Rinpoche also blessed the site of the temple and made the following encouraging comments during her teachings.

“I first started coming to the West in 1987 and I can’t recall a time when I did not hear about this wonderful place… it has certainly lived up to expectations, and more. So it’s probably one of the highlights of this year’s travels and I’m very, very happy to finally be able to be here.”

“It is incredibly stunning and beautiful and I’m sure that it has been a place of inspiration for many people and many practitioners here. And it continues to grow, especially with the delightful temple that is coming up, which will probably be one of the most spectacular temples in terms of just the location and the love and blessings that one feels, even when there is nothing there except the foundation that’s been poured in.”

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Jetsun Khandro in the Shrine Room

Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche

“I looked at it this morning and felt that this temple is going to be a jewel in this country. We always say that temples are the epicentre of the world or our mind. It really seems to be so ideally located and it will be a wonderful basis for people to practice and do retreat and meet with the Dharma.”

“There couldn’t be a better location or a better place to have this beautiful temple. It already looks wonderful as it is and nothing needs to be done here.”

“Temples are always considered to be liberation upon seeing. I think in between heaven and earth if there is this one mind-representation of the Buddhas that can be seen – that would plant a seed of liberation in all sentient beings – then that is probably the best legacy that you can contribute to. So work hard towards realising it. It doesn’t seem to be a very difficult task to me. And it seems very accessible and reachable and all you need to do is I think raise 1.9 million? It’s a very doable number. With good aspirations and contributions…”

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“Think big and do it. There is a karma involved in it. If it is going to be here for the benefit of all sentient beings, then it will happen. It will happen quickly and without obstacles. I think it’s a very do-able thing, not a difficult thing at all. Of course there’s a lot of hard work involved!”

“Eventually I think most of us would like to end with liberation and enlightenment. All of us envision at a certain point attaining Dharmakaya … but on the other hand chances are that many of us will have to be content with having made some kind of progress and then continuing our journey. And in that way I think the best thing that we will leave behind is an imprint in the form of those structures that will illuminate the path for sentient beings like ourselves continuously.”

“If 30 years ago someone had not envisioned a farmland in this remote region becoming a place of practice, you and I would never be here today. And that seed brought this, and this seed that you plant in the next 30 years I’m sure will be hope for everyone. So keep that in mind.”

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