Joy, Ease and Self-Forgiveness – Online

Discover the Power of Genuine Compassion to Lighten your Life
with Christine Longaker, author of “Facing Death and Finding Hope”
Friday April 9, 6pm   –  Sunday April 11, 1pm (Irish Time)

We live in anxious times, with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over every aspect of our lives. Besides this, we may have a history of adversity or unresolved wounds resulting in patterns of tension or struggle. We may believe we are unworthy of love and that we’re unforgivable. Often, we fall prey to habits that lead to harsh self-blame. Beating ourselves up for all of this only makes things worse. Our days feel unsettled and sleep is elusive.

In this weekend online seminar, with unique applications of insight, compassion, and mindful presence, you dismantle the sources of negative patterns and false beliefs about yourself. You create a new, empowered relationship with your “inner critic”. You learn strengths that help you handle and heal suffering, and exceptional guided meditations designed to help you change the way you feel within your heart and your body.

You’re given practical skills for bringing the mindful presence of meditation into daily life. All of these become your stepping-stones to enhanced resilience, ease and joy. Cultivating genuine understanding and compassion for yourself – which results in self-forgiveness – reconnects you with the “unshakable freedom of heart” that is your birthright.


April 9th Friday 6pm – 9pm Irish time (UTC); 19. – 22.00 CET

April 10th Saturday – Irish time (UTC); 10am – 14.00 CET

April 11th Sunday – Irish time (UTC); 10am – 14.00 CET

Content Summary

  • Dismantling the barriers to self-forgiveness
  • Insights for understanding and accepting yourself
  • Four strengths for healing and transforming suffering
  • Transforming your “inner critic”
  • Training in Compassionate Listening
  • Practical “emergency method” of self-compassion in crises
  • Meditations that promote a healthy sense of connection and compassion for yourself and others

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Christine Longaker
Christine LongakerSelf-Compassion and Palliative Care Trainer
Author of “Facing Death and Finding Hope”, translated into nine languages, Christine Longaker has forty years’ international experience training medical caregivers in authentic presence, compassion and mindfulness.

She’s produced an album of guided meditations: “Joy, Ease and Self-Forgiveness”, and is currently writing a book on self-compassion and online courses based on the book.

Christine infuses her seminars with heartfelt presence and humour, authenticity and clarity.