Losar Tashi Delek! – Happy Tibetan New Year!

Tuesday the 9th of February marks Losar, Tibetan New Year and the beginning of the new Fire Monkey year. We’d like to wish you ‘Tashi Delek’! (Good luck!)

Losar (Lo means ‘year’ and sar means ‘new’) is the most important festival celebrated by Tibetans all over the world. Losar celebrations are taking place at Dzogchen Beara from 6 to 28 February to celebrate the beginning of the Fire Monkey Year—the year of Guru Rinpoche’s birth.

Guru Rinpoche, the ‘Precious Master’, is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism and is sometimes called the ‘second Buddha’. His birth year is considered to be an exceptional time to focus on practice. Especially during the first month of the Tibetan New Year, the power of our practice is said to multiply many times over, so it is an especially important time to direct our practice and to make strong aspirations, prayers and dedication.

Losar Practices

During the Losar period the spiritual community at Dzogchen Beara will perform traditional practices and rituals dedicated to purifiying and transforming any negativity from the old year and to creating auspicious circumstances for the year ahead.

If you wish to make a donation to sponsor the Losar practices you can do so here.

Your offering can be dedicated in the name of specific people, causes or projects. All requests will be read out during the practices every day. Please include your dedication in the comment box on the donation page.

Sponsor Prayer Flags

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition flags printed with auspicious symbols and prayers are considered to transmit peace and benefit around the world on the wind and to bless the countryside, bringing harmony, wisdom, health and prosperity to all beings.

If you wish to make a donation to sponsor the the hanging of prayer flags you can do so here.

Your offering will support the replacement of prayer flags and banners throughout the year all around Dzogchen Beara; on roofs, hill-tops and beside the paths and roads. New flags are hung especially on special occasions, such as this week during Losar or before the visit of a Lama.

If you have a particular cause or prayer for which you wish your offering to be dedicated you can offer this in the comment box on the donation page.

May you be well, may you be happy!

With every good wish for the year ahead from the Dzogchen Beara community.