Loving Heart – Online

Exploring our capacity for deepening our love and kindness
with Andrew Warr and Veronica Nicholson
7:30pm Friday 14 August to 6.30pm to Sunday 16 August
Plus 4 evening sessions Monday 17 to Thursday 20 August

In the uncertain times we face, many of us feel drawn to meditation practices which can relieve our anxieties and help restore some equilibrium to our lives. When we sense that the way we are relating to ourselves and to others is pivotal to our well-being, the classical Buddhist meditation for cultivating loving kindness can show us the way forward.
The future is always uncertain but we also have the present moment to return to and abide in, free from the proliferation of thoughts about what the future might bring.In the present, we can keep an open heart and cultivate goodwill and kindness towards ourselves and others. Familiarising ourselves with that good-heartedness is a powerful means to restore and enhance our well-being and give some freedom from the tensions and anxieties that might otherwise predominate.


Friday 14th August
7.10pm Explanation by our IT support team for everyone on how we will be using Zoom for this particular retreat.
7.30pm – 8.45pm. Opening retreat session

Saturday 15th August and Sunday 16th August
9.30am – 10.30am Session
10.30am – 11.00am Break
11.00am – 12.00 Session
12.00 – 4.00pm Long lunch break
4.00pm – 5.00pm Session
5.00pm – 5.30pm Break
5.30pm – 6.30pm Session

Monday 17th – Thursday 20th August
8pm – 9pm Four evening follow up sessions.

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Andrew Warr
Andrew Warr
Andrew Warr has had a regular meditation practice for 40 years and has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation since 1982. He has been teaching meditation for over 30 years and since 2001 has been leading courses, seminars, and retreats, principally on the subject of loving kindness, in Europe, Australia and North America. With great clarity, warmth and humour, Andrew skilfully guides people through the teachings and practices, and shows how these can be applied to our everyday life.
Veronica Nicholson
Veronica NicholsonRigpa Senior Instructor
Veronica first learned to meditate in 1996 when she went on her first retreat to Dzogchen Beara. Since then she has continued studying and practicing in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and completed a one-year closed retreat in 2004 in Dzogchen Beara. Learning to meditate changed her life and this inspired her to train as a meditation instructor, and since 2001 she has been helping on retreats in Dzogchen Beara and other Rigpa centres around Ireland. She lives in Offaly and is a photographer and artist – her book Observing Offaly, a photographic record of life in her adopted county, was published in November 2016.