Mindful and Aware

Free retreat for Younger People 18-30
Tuesday 8, 11 am – Thursday 10 January, 1pm

Take a break to slow down, unplug, relax and come home to yourself. We can easily become overwhelmed by the relentless distractions of our daily lives. Our attention is dragged in countless directions with status updates, texts and tweets, opinions and arguments; things to see, to follow, to do, to own. Our lives are so frenetic, mostly we don’t even realise how distracted we are!

Buddha taught that to end this distraction of the mind would be to end suffering itself; the key to this, he realised, was to bring the mind home to its true nature, through the practice of meditation.

Meditation allows us to transform our experience by releasing our grasping onto turbulent thoughts and emotions and the frustration they bring. We can discover spaciousness, ease, a simple awareness of the present moment and a natural connection with inner resources of calm, compassion and love.

Scientific studies show that meditation boosts mental health and general well-being. It improves happiness, reduces symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, increases concentration and encourages feelings of inner strength and confidence.

This retreat includes a complete introduction to a simple and profound method of meditation and integrating the benefits of the practice in our daily lives. There will be opportunities for instruction and guided practices, question and answer sessions, discussions and time to enjoy the spectacular natural environment.

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Catering only fee €64

Limited accommodation is available on-site. Book early!
A list of hostels and B&B’s in the nearby area can be downloaded here.
Vegetarian lunches and light evening meals are provided. The cost is included in your fee.
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This is a Free Spirit event : Catering fee only (EUR64 has to be paid in full prior to the retreat), optional donation during the retreat.

Enquiries by email or + 353 (0) 27 73032

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