Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche
Blesses the Temple Site

In October, Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche completed ritual practices to bless the temple site and to remove obstacles to the building. With his monks and the practising sangha Rinpoche performed a Nemba, Jinsek and the burial of Earth Goddess vase on the site. He then gave an extraordinary and unanticpated teaching to the community and guests.

He declared that the location of the temple site, at the south-western tip of Europe – “the end of the world” – is a “power place” and that building the temple at this specific place and time will establish the Dharma and bring renewal and healing to Ireland as well as benefitting the whole world.

“If you build this temple here in Dzogchen Beara, and inside erect representations of the enlightened body, speech and mind of the Buddha, and have practitioners practise there, then this will be the cause for the teachings to remain for a long period of time and will have enormous benefit for the world at large—protecting against famine, war, epidemics and so on. This I know: I’ve checked the situation here a lot, so it’s clear to me.”

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