Help complete the Temple!

Watch this extraordinary drone footage to get a bird’s eye view of this historic building and its awe-inspiring location. (Turn up your volume to get maximum effect!)

Walls and ceilings are complete up to the ‘Sambhogakaya’ shrine-room on the first floor and we are now focused on finishing the main hall, the ‘Tsuklhakhang’ on the ground floor. We are very hopeful this can be sealed and weather-proof for Sogyal Rinpoche to teach there during our Summer Retreat in July!

Immediately following that historic milestone, to be in a position to sign contracts to continue into the next stage, to make the temple a fully functioning building – including floors and fittings, light, heat and ventilation, audio-visual and IT equipment, service buildings etc. – we need to raise a further €508,292 by June!
Help us to be ready for this important deadline by donating on-line here.
Or visit the temple on-line shop here and choose an item to sponsor.

The temple on-line shop gives you the opportunity to sponsor unique features of the temple, including the main ceremonial door and the east and west entrances, bearing the names of the great Tibetan Lamas; Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche and Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodrö.

Other items such as the public doors and temple windows are also available to sponsor: You can even cover the cost of a m2 of wooden flooring (€108) and individual bags of wall plaster (€15).

Visit the temple on-line shop here.

“This is such an important and extraordinary project and I think it’s really so much benefit this temple can bring. When you offer towards this goal, it is really said we can accumulate tremendous good karma. Try to give as much as you can. ‘It’s a grain of sand, a drop of water that makes the mighty deserts and great oceans.’ It will be a wonderful project.”

Sogyal Rinpoche, July 2016

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The names of all donors will be written on a scroll to be placed in a gilded copper tube and enshrined in the temple when it is complete.

For enquiries, including information on tax-efficient giving for your country, please contact Malcolm MacClancy: