Emotional Awareness – Online

How to Access the Creative Energy of Emotion
6 Week Online Course with Maureen Cooper
Wednesdays 11am to 12.30pm, 6 March to 10 April (Irish time)

During the course of any ordinary day, all kinds of feelings bubble up and occupy our attention—sometimes we hardly notice them but at other times they can overwhelm us with their intensity. At any moment, our emotions can lift us into euphoria, or plunge us into despair. We can feel as if we have no control and simply need to weather the storm.

Learning to be aware of our emotions can begin to change that feeling of helplessness. By understanding the nature of an emotion, how it is triggered and the ways in which it can take hold we can slowly begin to see what is going on. Applying awareness to emotions shows us that rather than being fixed and solid, they are fluid and changeable. We can learn to dance with their energy, rather than letting them define us.

Emotional awareness is how we come to understand the nature of emotions and learn to access their creative power.

Buddhism has a rich variety of ways to apply awareness to our emotions. We will explore the Dalai Lama’s work with scientists and psychologists on a range of research on emotions which offers profound insights into different ways of working with emotions. In addition, we will work with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s Emotional Rescue Plan, which he describes in his book Emotional Rescue. This plan offers a comprehensive way of understanding emotion—and will provide us with tools which we can apply straight away.

We look forward to seeing you on-line!

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Maureen Cooper
Maureen Cooper
Maureen first came across the Buddhist teachings in 1977 as part of her search to find meaning. The wisdom and compassion that the teachings offered made more sense to her than anything else she had encountered and led her to set out on a path of study and practice that has continued to sustain her over the years.

Inspired by the clarity of and accessibility of the teachings, in 2004 Maureen set up Awareness in Action in order to share her experience of how meditation and compassion can enable us to live with more kindness, generosity and awareness. Her latest book, The Stress Workbook demonstrates how effective this can be in working with such everyday problems as stress.

Having offered workshops and trainings in a range of countries over many years, Maureen is discovering how powerful and even intimate it can be to work with groups online. Her aim is make her online workshops as open, inclusive and interesting as possible to provide an energetic learning environment.