East Asian Calligraphy

Enter into the Tao with Yingge Xu
Friday July 22, 3pm to Sunday July 24, 1pm

“Tao/Dao” (“道”) means “way”, but can also be translated as “method” or “principle”. It is believed that everything in the universe is made by the “Dao”, which is thus the driving force behind all that exists, and at the same time, it is nothing. The main goal is to live in balance and harmony with the Dao.

In this 3 day retreat we will explore mindfulness, awareness and presence through simple body movement and oriental brush practice. We will learn to trust the flow of Qi (ch’i, life-force) through our brush, and onto the paper, and likewise how we can bring awareness and joy into our everyday activity.

To help us relax and be present in the body, each session begins with simple movement and breathing exercises – suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

What’s included in this retreat:

  • Breathing exercises and simple movement to develop body awareness
  • Body-Mind-Brush connection through breathing, brush exercise and close study
  • A deeper understanding about the history and evolution of the ideograph “道”
  • Introduction of the three writing systems in China: Formal, semi-cursive and cursive scripts
  • Group sharing & connecting time so that we learn from each other and arrive at the collective inspiration
  • Live brush performance & collaboration
  • Q & A sessions and personal guidance

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Your ink brush journey:

In each session we will learn a brush stroke(s) and be guided through a close study of an ancient masterpiece. The brush journey will be guided through a progressive manner so what we have learned in each session will lead to the next. At the end of the event, we will have a full understanding of the three calligraphy writing styles , and will be able to draw the ideography Tao “道”.

* All the tools & materials will be provided on-site. All you need is warm and comfortable clothing and to show up, ready to learn and get inspired.

Why this Retreat:

  • Understand the philosophy and deep meaning of East Asian brush practice
  • Cultivate the foundational practice through body posture, breathing and brush movement
  • Close study of calligraphy master samples in three different scripts
  • Develop embodiment practices to remain present in everyday life
  • Prepare the foundation for further ink painting practice (courses)

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Fee: €280
Concession: €245

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Yingge Xu
Yingge Xu
From an early age Yingge Xu learned Tai Chi, meditation and calligraphy alongside her father while receiving a traditional education in China. Later she trained at the Chinese Flower and Bird Painting Institute and continued her learning with ink brush artists from both China and Japan.

Moving to Ireland in 2015, and seeing how meditation is taught and applied in the West, inspired a new perspective of her own art and cultural background, and founded Art of the Brush. Yinnge shares her passion for both meditation and ink-brush art, not as separate activities but as a ‘wholesome experience’.