Fundamentals of Vajrayana Practice

Online Event with Susan Browne
Sunday 15th October, 10am to 12pm (Irish Time)

Susan Browne, one of Rigpa’s senior practice holders, has offered to hold a Vajrayana session for all established Ngondro practitioners with a Guru rinpoche empowerment.

The morning will be a reminder of the fundamentals of Vajrayana practice, why we practice vajrayana and its benefits, and a refresher on the practice of Tendrel Nyesel.

Tendrel Nyesel is an extraordinarily profound treasure of Guru Rinpoche, discovered by Tertön Sogyal in 1900 and so pertinent for today’s world. It was prophesied as a practice that is needed for world peace. Tendrel Nyesel is a practice for overcoming inauspicious circumstances, by eliminating them from the past, preventing them happening in the future, protecting against them in the present and transforming them and thus creating good circumstances in all areas of our life, our path to enlightenment and for the benefit of all beings.

This session will be offered free of charge. If you would like to attend, please email We will send out a reminder and zoom link the week before.

Free Event

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Susan Browne
Susan Browne
Susan Browne has over 30 years experience of Buddhist meditation and compassion practices. She has been guiding groups and individuals in retreat over the past 25 years, both at Dzogchen Beara, and at the Institute of Wisdom and Compassion, France. She herself has completed several years of closed retreat and many in-depth studies.
Susan specialises in one-on-one and small group sessions, giving guidance on meditation methods that best help move through challenges one is facing.