It is now possible to contribute to the building of the temple at Dzogchen Beara through the purchase of specific items and materials.

Click here to view the complete list and sponsor an item to suit your budget.

€980,000 has already been donated but, to ensure no interruption to the next phase of building, to complete the ground floor, we need to raise a further €350,000 in the next 5 months. Please offer what you can.

The contributions of all donors to the temple at Dzogchen Beara will be recognised by having your name enscribed on a scroll that will be placed in a gilded copper tube and enshrined in the temple for all time.



To sponsor a concrete column which will support the main structure of the temple (14 columns needed @ €5,000 each) click here.




To sponsor a truck-load of concrete for the ground floor (17 loads needed @ €800 each) click here.




To sponsor pre-cast concrete slabs for the ground floor flat roof (16 slabs needed @ €600 each) click here.




To sponsor insulation for the floors and walls (385 sheets needed @ €100 each) click here.


bale of blocks


To sponsor a bale of blocks to build the temple walls. (481 bales needed @ €30 each) click here.




To sponsor a bag of cement for the block-work for the walls (100 bags needed @ €6 each) click here.