The Power of Compassion

with Valerie Baker
Friday 28 April, 8 pm – Monday 1 May, 1pm

This retreat is suitable for those who have previous experience of meditation.

In the Buddhist teachings, compassion is explained in terms of four qualities; love, compassion, joy and equanimity. When these are developed to their fullest extent, they are known as the ‘Four Immeasurables’.

During this weekend we will explore what these qualities of compassion can mean to each of us in a very personal way and we’ll look at how they can radically transform our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us.

The programme will include guided reflections and meditations, along with practical advice on how these ‘Four Immeasurables’ can be brought into daily life, opening our hearts and minds to greater kindness and love, with a renewed courage and sense of purpose.

Fee €260
Concession €225

Concession fees are available for students and the unwaged and apply to event fees (including food), not accommodation
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(2) you can avail of a concession only if you stay in the hostel or share a room in a cottage or the Care Centre with your friend/partner, or stay off site.

Limited accommodation is available on-site. Book early!
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Vegetarian lunches and light evening meals are provided. The cost is included in your fee.

Enquiries by email or + 353 (0) 27 73032

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Valerie BakerRigpa Senior Meditation Insructor
Originally from Cork, Valerie moved to Dzogchen Beara in 1994, where she made a valuable contribution to the work of the retreat centre, as well as completing a number of long term retreats. Valerie is an experienced senior instructor who communicates an in-depth appreciation and enthusiasm for the Buddhist teachings. She spent four years participating, and supporting other students, in a Three Year Retreat at Lerab Ling, Sogyal Rinpoche’s retreat centre in France. She currently lives and works at Lerab Ling where she has developed and oversees a number of courses for the worldwide Rigpa study programme.