Yang Nying Pudri Drupchö

Online from Dzogchen Beara
14 February, 8:00am to 20 February, 11:00am Europe/London

Yang Nying Pudri, “The Razor of the Innermost Essence” is a terma revelation of Tertön Sogyal specifically for this time, eliminates delusion, negativity and spiritual pollution. Vajrakilaya, who embodies the enlightened activity of all the buddhas manifesting in an extremely wrathful form, subjugates the obstacles to spiritual development and peace in the world.

Please prepare yourself before the drupcho by looking at and downloading all the materials you need, as there won’t be any possibility for live online support.

Who can join
This event is open to Ngöndro and Dzogchen mandala students who have received a Vajrakilaya empowerment and know how to practise sadhana*.

Make a Donation
Making offerings is very much part of practices like this. This practice live streaming is offered on a donation basis. We recommend 21 Euro per day as a contribution to the offerings, running the event and to make the streaming possible. You can make an offering online here (choose ‘Special Practices’). Thank you for your generosity.

Connect to the Online Live Stream via Prajna

For Rigpa students only!
Enquiries by email or + 353 (0) 27 73032

Attendees will receive the event schedule and guidelines on how to connect closer to the date. There is no fee to attend & participate in practice events.
For accommodation & catering costs please contact sanghahelp@dzogchenbeara.org