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Online Donations

The Temple Building  info
Make a personal connection with a historic project that will bring benefit to beings for 100’s of years. The first Buddhist temple in Ireland is being built in the style of a traditional Tibetan monastery, a unique form of architecture that is an inspiring symbol of the Buddha’s teachings.
Offering Butter Lamps  info
In our Tibetan style butter lamp house, we will offer lights on your behalf in the name of a loved one or special occasion. The flames of the butter lamps symbolize the clearing away of ignorance and the discovery of Buddha Nature, the enlightened capacity that resides within all beings. €1 donation per lamp. Please use the Dedication/Comments box below for your special prayer request.
Big Wheels Turning  info
Kathrine Connery charity fundraiser to support care breaks at the Care Centre.
Sponsor the Practice at Dzogchen Beara  info
Tendrel Nyesel is a special practice for eliminating, preventing and transforming harm (including ill health) and conflict of every kind. This practice of offering and community is done every day at Dzogchen Beara. You can sponsor a practice for yourself, your loved ones, a project or situation. It is said that by sponsoring practices like these, you will share in the merit of the practice and receive its blessings. Please use the comments section on the donation page for your special prayer request which will be read out during the practice. Suggested donation €20.
Dharma Protector Practices  info
Dharma Protectors are emanations of the Buddha whose role is to protect the teachings and those who practise them, and to support practitioners to attain spiritual realisation. Every day these practices are performed by specially trained practitioners in a dedicated shrine room. Suggested offering €50.
Development Fund  info
The elevated location of Dzogchen Beara offers views that open the mind and heart. It also means that our buildings and gardens are exposed to the full force of the elements every year, demanding constant maintenance and repairs. A donation to this fund supports the upkeep and improvement of our facilities, benefitting all who visit.
Care Centre Bursary Fund  info
Individuals, families and support groups can apply for financial assistance for spiritual care breaks at the Care Centre. A donation to this fund will help people living with illness or facing life-challenging situations, to benefit from this healing and transformative experience.
Free Spirit Programme  info
Helps us to offer opportunities and supports for people on low incomes to come to Dzogchen Beara to practice meditation and compassion. In 2015 more than 6,000 people attended free daily guided meditation and Loving Kindness practices. Free Spirit retreats are offered for no fee and were attended by more than 300 people in 2015.A Retreat Fund is available to assist people to attend our regular retreat programme.
Friends of Dzogchen Beara  info
Through donating to become a Friend of Dzogchen you will contribute to three key areas of our activities. 50% of your donation will go to a Development Fund, supporting maintenance and improvements to our facilities. 25% will go to the Care Centre Bursary Fund, offering financial assistance for those on low incomes to benefit from spiritual care breaks at the Care Centre. 25% will go to our Free Spirit Programme which offers opportunities for people on low incomes to come to Dzogchen Beara.
Prayer Flags  info
These flags printed with auspicious symbols and prayers are considered to transmit peace and benefit around the world on the wind. In Tibetan tradition they bless the countryside and bring harmony, wisdom, health and prosperity to all beings. They come in sets which represent the five elements; blue–space; white–wind; red–fire; green–water; yellow–earth. Your donation will go towards the purchase and sewing of prayer flags and banners which are replaced regularly throughout the year all around Dzogchen Beara; on roofs, hill-tops and beside the paths and roads. If you have a particular cause, wish or prayer in your heart you can offer it in the comment box on the donation page.

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