Retreats for Rigpa Mandala Students

If you have a heartfelt wish to do one of these retreats but face financial challenges, you can avail of flexible payment options or apply for a Study and Practice grant towards your retreat contribution.
If you are interested in doing a retreat that is not listed below please let us know, as your aspiration can influence future programming.
Dzogchen Beara offers limited places for Dzogchen students to do solitary retreat.
Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats are an opportunity to go much deeper into practice away from the busyness of our daily lives, whether we are accumulating Ngondro, practicing meditation or loving kindness, or wish to deepen our study.

In retreat we benefit from the three components which support us in integrating the benefit of our practice into daily life – right environment, practice in formal sessions, and integrating during the breaks.

Your retreat can be a short as a few days or up to several months and your schedule will be worked out to suit you.

You will have a single room in a reserved retreat area with glorious views out over the Atlantic Ocean. Rigpa students have been doing retreat in these rooms for over 20 years, and fruition of their practice is tangible – you can feel the blessings in the peaceful and settled atmosphere.

There is silence in the retreat area until 1pm, and again from 8pm onwards.

You are welcome to join the local sangha for daily group practices and to participate in daily guided meditation and loving kindness sessions.

The cost of only €60 a day includes access to an extensive library of books and teachings and instructor support as well as full catering and a laundry service, so you can devote your entire day to undistracted practice.


Further Information

All meals are vegetarian and we can offer a gluten and dairy free special diet if needed.

“Dzogchen Beara is a place where all thoughts and emotions find space to come to rest by themselves. The open sky with the sun, the wind, the sea, the fog, the rain and the weather´s constant change make you experience the constant change of everything. You wake up and you can´t see anything because it´s so foggy, after one hour of practice you look up and suddenly there is the sea and the waves, one hour later the sky wears the most beautiful blue dress and the seagulls glide through the sky, 30 minutes later rain. No chance to hold on a single experience as lasting. This very direct experience of change is safely held in an atmosphere of practice and love and care. I could open up completely. I got in touch with all kinds of feelings and emotions and had the space to let them go again and see their impermanent nature. At the same time I got in touch with something bigger that hosts all these risings. Clarity took place. I found space in myself and I carry Dzogchen Beara in my heart wherever I go to keep me in touch with my true nature.”
– A Ngondro student who did three weeks personal retreat