Retreats for Rigpa Mandala Students

If you have a heartfelt wish to do one of these retreats but face financial challenges, you can avail of flexible payment options or apply for a Study and Practice grant towards your retreat contribution.
If you are interested in doing a retreat that is not listed below please let us know, as your aspiration can influence future programming.
Dzogchen Beara offers limited places for Dzogchen students to do solitary retreat.
Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats are an opportunity to go much deeper into practice away from the busyness of our daily lives, whether we are accumulating Ngondro, practicing meditation or loving kindness, or wish to deepen our study.

In retreat we benefit from the three components which support us in integrating the benefit of our practice into daily life – right environment, practice in formal sessions, and integrating during the breaks.

Your retreat can be a short as a few days or up to several months and your schedule will be worked out to suit you.

You will have a single room in a reserved retreat area with glorious views out over the Atlantic Ocean. Rigpa students have been doing retreat in these rooms for over 20 years, and fruition of their practice is tangible – you can feel the blessings in the peaceful and settled atmosphere.

There is silence in the retreat area until 1pm, and again from 8pm onwards.

You are welcome to join the local sangha for daily group practices and to participate in daily guided meditation and loving kindness sessions.

The cost of only €50 a day includes access to an extensive library of books and teachings and instructor support as well as full catering and a laundry service, so you can devote your entire day to undistracted practice.


Further Information

All meals are vegetarian and we can offer a gluten and dairy free special diet if needed.

“Dzogchen Beara is a place where all thoughts and emotions find space to come to rest by themselves. The open sky with the sun, the wind, the sea, the fog, the rain and the weather´s constant change make you experience the constant change of everything. You wake up and you can´t see anything because it´s so foggy, after one hour of practice you look up and suddenly there is the sea and the waves, one hour later the sky wears the most beautiful blue dress and the seagulls glide through the sky, 30 minutes later rain. No chance to hold on a single experience as lasting. This very direct experience of change is safely held in an atmosphere of practice and love and care. I could open up completely. I got in touch with all kinds of feelings and emotions and had the space to let them go again and see their impermanent nature. At the same time I got in touch with something bigger that hosts all these risings. Clarity took place. I found space in myself and I carry Dzogchen Beara in my heart wherever I go to keep me in touch with my true nature.”
– A Ngondro student who did three weeks personal retreat

Five Month Group Ngöndro Retreat

With options for four, three and two months
17th February to 14th July 2022
Open to Rigpa students who are familiar with the practice of Ngöndro

Further details will be available soon.

If you would like to receive more information once it is available, or to talk about the retreat in more depth and explore options, email:

Below is some information about what being in retreat is like.

What is Retreat?

If you are longing to go more deeply into your practice, to advance your Ngöndro accumulations and to wholeheartedly bring the teachings and practice into your daily life, then this might be the right time for you to spend some time in retreat.

A retreat is where we create the circumstances to immerse ourselves in the practice and the teachings. For a while, we leave our comfort zones and usual distractions of work, friends, families, phone and email etc, and go to a secluded place where we can spend some time in silence, and turn inwards.

With a vast motivation, we enter into the right environment, practice in formal sessions, and then integrate during the breaks – ‘informal practice’. Practicing in this way gives us the framework for our retreat to bring great benefit, and supports us to continue to bring the practice into our daily lives when we leave the retreat.

What will the Group Ngöndro Retreat be Like?

The retreat has a daily schedule that has a mix of group and individual practice, and periods of silence. It takes place in our beautiful long-term retreat building, Longchen, which has single spacious rooms, each with glorious sweeping views over the ocean.

The day starts at 4.30am with group Ngöndro practice, and concludes with a brief group Tendrel Nyesel practice in the evening. Retreatants also come together for an hour a day to watch a short evocative teaching, to sit, and do some compassion practice. The rest of the day is devoted to individual practice, where retreatants can focus on whichever practice they are accumulating, such as Refuge, Bodhichitta, or Vajrasattva.

There is also time for other practices, such as deepening your meditation practice; Loving Kindness; and deepening your contemplation of the Four Thoughts using chégom – analytical meditation, and jok gom – resting meditation.

In such an environment, it is possible to not only enter deeply into practice, but also to see more clearly our patterns and habits, and the emotions and feelings that we often suppress and avoid. And in the safe environment of retreat, we have the time, the space and the support to open to them and gently work with them.

Support During Your Retreat.

In accordance with advice that Rinpoche gave during the three year retreat on supporting retreatants, during your retreat you will have monthly check-ins with the Retreat Manager, to review how things are going for you, and to offer a space where, if you want to, you can talk about what is going on. This can help bring clarity and insight, and a particular teaching can be recommended that can help.

Retreat Ending

The retreat concludes with a short celebratory tsok. Retreatants then come out of retreat slowly and gradually, before returning home 5 days later.

For further information, or to talk about the retreat in more depth and explore options, contact Ann Alford on

Tsa Sum Retreats

10 September 2021 to 12 February 2022

Rigdzin Düpa ‘The Gathering of Vidyadharas,’ is the inner lama practice from the Longchen Nyingtik, the terma revelation of Jikmé Lingpa.

Doing this nyenpa in the protected environment of retreat creates extremely favourable circumstances for practice.

Nyenpas take place in Longchen, our long-term retreat centre, and are held in a very traditional way with complete silence and seclusion.

There are sessions of group practice in the morning and evening, the rest of the day is devoted entirely to individual practice.

As well as doing the full nyenpa, there are options to join the closed group retreat for:

One, two and three months, starting in September – please ask for details

Nyenpas are preceded by an Introduction Retreat, where full instructions on the main practice are given by a senior instructor, using teachings and
commentaries. Additionally, guidance is given on : simple choponing, making tormas, using ritual instruments such as bell dorje and drum; along with advice on how to make the most of your retreat.

During this period retreatants set up the mandala of Rigdzin Düpa in the mainshrine room, and their personal shrines in their rooms.

For further information contact Ann Alford at

If you have a heartfelt wish to join this retreat but face financial challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can avail of flexible payment options or apply for a Study & Practice Grant towards your retreat contribution.

Dzogchen Beara is offering the opportunity to join the live streaming of the presentations being given to retreatants who are preparing to do the Rigdzin Dupa nyepa in closed retreat.

Who is it For?

  • For students who have completed their Ngöndro and plan to do a nyenpa of Rigdzin Düpa at home in the near future.

Dates and Time

  • The streaming will take place on zoom over seven days, from 18 to 24 September, 10am to 1pm Paris time.

Fee: You can choose your contribution

  • Suggested contribution: €210
  • If you want to give more to support Dzogchen Beara: €250
  • If you have less means: €190

If you have a heartfelt wish to join these presentations but face financial challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can avail of flexible payment options or apply for a Study & Practice Grant towards your retreat contribution

For further information and to register:

Working Retreats

We now offer the opportunity for Ngondro/Sadhana students to come and be on retreat at Dzogchen Beara, for no charge, in exchange for five hours work a day, five days a week.

Positions on this Work-Retreat Programme are available for periods of one month up to three months, and depend on the skills of the retreatant matching the needs of the tasks that Dzogchen Beara needs to be done.

Work-Retreat Programme retreatants have a single room in the personal retreat area, with glorious views out over the Atlantic Ocean., They follow a daily schedule of personal practice, and keep all the retreat guidelines and boundaries.

You will have access to an extensive library of books and teachings and instructor support as well as full catering and a laundry service, and,outside the five hours work a day, will be able to focus undistractedly on practice


For further information email:


You can come and stay at Dzogchen Beara any time and enjoy a relaxing break in your own way, using the meditation rooms for personal practice and joining group paractice if you wish. We have accommodation for all tastes and budgets including farmhouse hostel dormitory beds, secluded clifftop cottages and ocean view conservatory rooms in the beautiful Care Centre.

For enquiries please contact us.