Onsite Events

Temple Programme July – August

A Beacon of Wisdom and Compassion for the Modern World
Open Daily | Everyone Welcome | 17 July to 26 August

Whether you are just curious, new to meditation or Buddhism or an experienced meditation practitioner you are warmly invited to join our programme in the inspiring –Read more–

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

First Teachings in the Temple
Friday 12 July, 7:30pm to Sunday 14 July, 1pm

We are delighted to announce we are getting ready to host the first retreat in the Dzogchen Beara Temple.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has long been a friend and advisor for our community, visiting –Read more–

Daily Meditation

Release and relax in our Shrine Room with clifftop ocean views.
(During retreats, daily drop-in meditation is in the Spiritual Care Centre Meditation Room.)

No Meditation on Bank Holidays
Monday to Friday, 9:15am to 10am

From Tuesday 7th to Friday 17th May our –Read more–

Art and Meditation

Wisdom in Colour: Open Mind and Fearless Creativity
Mid-week Retreat with David Rycroft
Tuesday 11 June, 11am to Friday 14 June, 1pm

A new workshop exploring how artistic activity and meditation mutually nourish each other. By alternating art and meditation, we bring freshness and ease –Read more–

Contemplative Walking

Mid-week Retreat with John Douglas
Tuesday June 25, 11am to Thursday June 27, 1pm

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Enjoy a mid-week break experiencing mindfulness in action through meditation and relaxed walking on beautiful trails on the Beara Peninsula.

This popular event –Read more–

Finding Self Compassion in our Everyday Lives

Weekend Retreat with John Douglas
Friday 19 July, 7:30pm to Sunday 21 July, 1pm

For most of us, having a good sense of self esteem seems important. When we have it, we feel good about ourselves and more positive and motivated in our lives. –Read more–

Contemplative Walking

Bank Holiday Weekend Retreat
with John Douglas

Friday 2 August, 7.30pm to Monday 5 August, 2.30pm

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Enjoy a weekend break experiencing mindfulness in action through meditation and relaxed walking on beautiful trails on the Beara Peninsula.

This popular –Read more–

Befriending Our Difficult Emotions

Weekend Retreat with John Douglas
Friday 23 August, 7.30pm to  Sunday 25 August, 1.15pm

Feelings and emotions are central to our experience as human beings, yet for many of us, they often appear to be the “enemy”. Yet learning to befriend our difficult emotions can be a –Read more–

Steps to Freedom

Stages of the Spiritual Path
with Susan Browne & Anne Sheehan

Friday 13 September, 7.30pm to Sunday 15 September, 1pm

You may have attended a meditation course or retreat and have a daily meditation practice, which is wonderful. But do you know that you can progress further and go –Read more–

In the Mirror of Death

with Kirsten DeLeo
Friday 20 September, 7:30pm to Sunday 22 September, 1pm

This weekend retreat is an introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist understanding of death and dying.

We all know we and those we love will die. Regardless of our background – spiritual or otherwise – this –Read more–

Deep Listening Intensive

Transforming Communication at all Levels
with Rosamund Oliver and John Douglas
Wednesday 2 October, 8pm to Sunday 6 October, 1:30pm 2024

Deep Listening is a complete practical training using the transformational method of Awareness Centred Deep Listening Training founded by Rosamund –Read more–

Compassion and Presence

Contemplative Tools for Stressful Times
with Kirsten DeLeo & John Douglas
Tuesday 15 October, 11am to Thursday 17 October, 1pm

A skills workshop for professionals and trained volunteers working in healthcare, social and human services and health education. Responding effectively to the needs of patients –Read more–

Exploring Buddhist Wisdom

Weekend Retreat on The Four Seals
with Susan Browne and Rob Van Willigen
Friday 11 October, 7.30pm to Sunday 13 October, 1pm

Buddhism is distinguished by four characteristics, or “seals.” The Four Seals are said to be the hallmark of the Buddha’s teaching and encapsulate –Read more–

A Spiritual Approach to Healing

with Alain Beauregard
Friday 18 October, 7:30pm to Sunday 20 October, 1pm

Tibetan Buddhists often consider a major disease like cancer to be a wake-up call. But can our mind help us with our own healing? And what are the different approaches to understanding how this –Read more–

Mind, Body & Spirit

A Self-Care Retreat for Family Carers and Care Professionals
with Kirsten DeLeo & Matt Padwick
Tuesday 5 November, 11am to Thursday 7 November, 1pm

As attending to our own needs and wellbeing can be hard while caring for others, this retreat invites family carers –Read more–

  • Facing Loss Healing Grief

Facing Loss, Healing Grief

with Alvina Cassidy & John Douglas
Friday 15 November, 7.30pm to Sunday 17 November, 1pm 2024

This event is fully booked and we now have a waiting list. Please contact us for details at scc-admin@dzogchenbeara.org

Grief is a natural response to the ongoing loss we experience when –Read more–

  • Natural Great Peace

Natural Great Peace

with Olivier Riche, Andrew Warr and Anne Sheehan
Friday 22 November, 11am to Thursday 28 November, 1pm

This retreat is specifically designed for those with some experience of meditation, willing to commit to an intensive practice retreat including several days in silence.

Practising meditation in a retreat environment is –Read more–

Finding Peace

Learn How to Meditate and Bring its Benefit into Daily Life
Weekend Retreat with Andrew Warr
Friday 29 November, 7.30pm to Sunday 1 December, 1pm

A complete introduction to meditation and bringing the benefit of our practice into daily life. Suitable for beginners and for those –Read more–

The Essence of Meditation

Helpful and Practical Guidance on Meditation
with Derek Corr and Mary Moriarty
Friday 17 January, 7.30pm to Sunday 19 January, 1pm

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Many of us can feel we are doing something wrong if our mind –Read more–

Loving Kindness Week

Discovering the True Nature of Love
with Andrew Warr, Anne Sheehan and Derek Corr
Saturday 8 February, 7pm to Saturday 15 February, 1pm 2025

When our hearts and minds are filled with love we naturally experience happiness and well-being, yet many of us feel a –Read more–