The Spiritual Care Centre

A haven of peace in difficult times

The Spiritual Care Centre is re-opening soon.

We look forward to welcoming guests back in September 2022.

The Spiritual Care Centre

The Spiritual Care Centre was specially created as a sanctuary where people from all walks of life can be supported to find their own spirituality and meaning in life and hope in death.

The centre provides a safe and supportive environment for people living with a life-altering illness, recovering from treatment, facing the end of their life or experiencing bereavement as well as their families, loved ones and others who care for them. Guests who choose the option of a Supported Stay can avail of one-to-one meetings with our Spiritual Care team, for which there is no charge (read more below).

We also welcome professional care-givers seeking rest and renewal and who wish to deepen their knowledge and enhance their skills.

The services of the Spiritual Care Centre are offered by Dzogchen Beara’s Buddhist community and are informed by the wisdom tradition of Tibet as shared in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

We are happy to organise carers to assist with our guests’ personal care and mobility support but please note that we do not offer nursing or medical care, provision of any type of medication, advice on diet or complementary therapies, psychotherapy or general counselling including addiction.

The centre has seven en-suite rooms, four of which are fully wheelchair accessible and provide spacious conservatories with ocean views.

“I am blown away. This place is incredible, I am struggling to leave and wondering when I can come back. I can’t say enough about our stay here. Spectacular, thank you”. Alison

“Wonderful. So utterly relaxing. The people here are so welcoming and friendly. Amazing facilities – the kitchen has everything one needs including a wide selection of teas. I enjoyed the quiet calming environment that is occasionally punctuated by groups chatting and laughing quietly. Pure Bliss!” Frederique and Donal

What is “Spiritual” Care?

We use the word ‘spiritual’ to describe the needs which we all share, whatever our beliefs, such as the wishes to;

  • understand and transform suffering
  • find a source of comfort, peace or refuge
  • experience a genuine connection with others
  • find meaning in life, and illness and dying
Supported Stays

The Spiritual Care team offer listening and companionship, rooted in the understanding that we all naturally have deep sources of healing and wellbeing within us, as well as guidance in meditation and compassion practices. While these practices come from the Buddhist tradition, they are universally meaningful for those of all faiths and for those with a secular outlook.

Supported stays can help you:

  • navigate through challenging times, and
  • reconnect with your sources of strength, joy and meaning.

You can rest, sleep, take time to reflect and come back to yourself. You may like to use our recorded guided meditations in your room or join the daily drop-in sessions open to the public. You can have a quiet space to be alone, or meet with your fellow guests and staff in the shared kitchen and lounge areas.

This one-to-one support is offered by our experienced care team each of whom have over 20 years of meditation practice and care work experience and have been vetted by the Gardaí (Ireland’s police force).

There is no charge for Supported Stays but donations are welcome. Financial assistance is available (by written application) to help cover accommodation costs for guests on limited incomes during a supported stay.

“The staff were most welcoming and caring, the S.C.C. and gardens are very well done and very conducive to peaceful contemplation and rest. Looking forward to staying with you again.” Colette

Supporting Caregivers

We are keen to support health and social-care professionals and family caregivers. We offer special workshops and accredited training programmes that give you tools and resources to stay well in yourself and care for others.

Supporting Healthcare Organisations and Groups

We welcome dedicated healthcare organisations and groups for venue hire. We have three hospital beds, wet rooms, hoist, shower chairs and more besides. Please phone us to discuss your particular circumstances and needs.

Our Values

The Spiritual Care Centre welcomes everyone.

We aspire to embody the qualities of compassion, love, joy, equanimity and understanding as taught by the Buddha.

We are committed to:

  • Inclusiveness; welcoming and respecting everyone who wishes to avail of our services.
  • Meeting our guests as fellow human beings, not defined by illness or difficulty.
  • Acting in ways that are kind, loving and non-judgmental.
  • Being aware of our actions and the ways they may affect others.

The Spiritual Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara is partner of the Spiritual Care Programme International, a global network of professionals, groups, care centres and care organisations inspired by the vision to transform the way we care for living and dying.

Contact us directly and speak with our team on 027 73 370