Work Opportunities at Dzogchen Beara

Dzogchen Beara offers opportunities for paid employment, work exchange volunteering and the chance for Rigpa students to join our team of resident Practising Sangha volunteers.

For information on paid employment, Practising Sangha and work-exchange volunteer positions please see below.

Employment Opportunities

AV/IT Manager

An opportunity for a Rigpa student to fill a central role in Dzogchen Beara, supporting staff and volunteers with their daily activities, supporting the public meditation retreat programme and smooth online engagement with the public.

This is a full-time paid position, supported by a volunteer.

Practising Sangha Volunteer Roles

Are you a Rigpa student who would like;

  • to live in a beautiful place and a perfect retreat environment?
  • to deepen your study and practice while working at the heart of a spiritual community?
  • to contribute to the work of Sogyal Rinpoche in a very significant way?

If this appeals to you and you have an interest in working as part of a dynamic team, we have Practising Sangha vacancies in the following areas (please click on the job titles to download job descriptions);

Click here to download an application form

Applications to:

The Practising Sangha are a team of volunteers whose work days are designed as much as possible so that they can attend and assist with the daily schedule of spiritual practice and ritual at Dzogchen Beara.

Benefits include comfortable accommodation in your own room in an area of retreat and delicious vegetarian meals (we are known for our great food!).

You can also avail of:

  • Group study sessions, the All Encompassing Path and Sangha Gatherings
  • Access to the beautiful shrine rooms for personal practice and a library with a wide range of materials for personal study.
  • Opportunities to attend the events and retreats on the Dzogchen Beara programme which includes visiting Lamas and senior Rigpa instructors.
  • The offer of one week of personal retreat with the support and guidance of an experienced instructor.
  • Leave to attend an international retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche.
Work-Retreat Programme

We now offer the opportunity for Rigpa Ngondro/Sadhana students to come and be on retreat at Dzogchen Beara, for no charge, in exchange for five hours work a day, five days a week.

Positions on the Work-Retreat Programme are available for periods of one month up to three months.

You can apply at any time: Places are limited to two and are allocated according to the support needs of the Dzogchen Beara team.

We are currently looking for applicants for the role of:

Work-Retreat Programme participants are supported in entering into retreat with boundaries and share responsibility for maintaining the retreat area.

You will have a single room in a reserved retreat area with glorious views out over the Atlantic Ocean. Rigpa students have been doing retreat in these rooms for over 20 years, and fruition of their practice is tangible – you can feel the blessings in the peaceful and settled atmosphere.

There is silence in the retreat area until 1pm, and again from 8pm onwards.

You are encouraged to join the local sangha for daily group practices in the morning and evening.

You will have access to an extensive library of books and teachings and instructor support as well as full catering and a laundry service, so when you are not working you can practice undistractedly.

Further information and applications to

Work-Exchange Volunteer Roles

The Dzogchen Beara Work-Exchange programme offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in a spiritual environment. Work-Exchange volunteers are able (and encouraged) to join daily meditation practice sessions and, when work commitments allow, attend weekend retreats for free.
For information on opportunities in this programme please contact us.