Useful Information

Connecting using Zoom

It is possible to join this live stream using your mobile phone, tablet or on a computer or laptop.

To join our online events you will need the Zoom meeting app so please make sure you have registered for the event and downloaded that beforehand.

Zoom is one of the world’s most popular video conference Apps and is completely safe and secure. You do not have to have or create a Zoom account to join this streaming.

It takes about three minutes to install the App so please join the live stream early to make sure Zoom is working.

Once you book an online event with us you will receive a confirmation email with a zoom link to the event. (Please check your spam or bin too in case the email is there).

You can also click This Testlink anytime before the streaming (now if you like) to install the App in advance of the live stream.

On some computers, when you load the App. the event will automatically open, on others it may ask you if you wish to 1. Join a Meeting, 2. Sign In, or 3. Sign Up.

At this point this simplest thing to do is to click the link you received via email again to join the meeting. If you do this process in advance you should see a screen with the meeting date and time and a note saying you must “wait until the host starts the meeting”.

We look forward to seeing you on-line!

Making the Most of your Event

To make the most of the retreat, ideally you will have a quiet dedicated space for the sessions. Make sure you have a comfortable seat with your phone/tablet, computer or laptop preferably on a table or chair in front of you, not on your knees. The event may include a number of guided meditations so your seating should enable you to sit both upright and relaxed.

If you have a TV with a HDMI cable, it may be possible to plug your computer into the TV for a better experience. This is completely up to you depending on what is possible and most comfortable for you.