We’re Almost There!

March 3, 2022

The Dzogchen Beara community sends our love and heartfelt best wishes to all of our friends around the world, especially today which marks the Tibetan New Year. May this Year of the Water Tiger bring strength, courage and ease to you and your loved ones and to the world at large!

Today is Losar, the beginning of Chotrul Duchen – the ‘Festival of Miracles’ – marking 15 days during which Buddha displayed miraculous powers, to inspire faith and increase the devotion of future disciples.

It feels like a miracle that together we have continued building the Temple at Dzogchen Beara, without ever pausing, considering the uncertainties and struggles of recent years.

Since our last appeal we received all the funds needed to complete the copper roofs.

Now we need to raise €205,000 by the end of March, to sign contracts to keep building going.

Can you help us by making a donation?

On the first 14 days of Chotrul Duchen the positive power of virtuous actions to radiate benefit, peace and happiness to the world is multiplied by 100,000, and on the 15th day, by 10 million. What a perfect time for you to help us to complete our goal!

You can make a donation in your name, in the name of a loved one, or of somebody who has passed away, so having their name added to the scroll of donors to be enshrined in the Temple when it is complete.

The great Tibetan Master Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche said, when blessing the Temple site: “If you build this Temple here at Dzogchen Beara… this will be the cause for the teachings to remain for long and will have enormous benefit for the world at large; protecting against famine, against war and epidemics and so on.” And he advised us to finish the temple as quickly as possible.

The world is in desperate need of spiritual merit and protection now so we’re asking for your urgent support, so we can continue construction to open the Temple this year.

See here for details on making a bank transfer or to set up a standing order.

Visit our sponsors’ shop where you can make a donation now.

For enquiries, including information on tax-efficient giving in your country, please email