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2019 Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Claiming Agency for Our Own Awakening
Friday 7 June, 8 pm – Sunday 9 June, 1pm

A weekend of teachings and dialogue with one of the foremost Western teachers of Tibetan Buddhism.

One –Read more–

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2019 Authentic Presence Immersion

Authentic Presence Immersion

Professional training in the contemplative-based approach to end-of-life care
Friday 21 June, 8pm to Saturday 29 June, 11am

This programme is part of Authentic –Read more–

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2019 Peaceful Mind, Loving Heart

Peaceful Mind, Loving Heart

Meditations for Finding Peace and Developing Loving Kindness
with Andrew Warr and Veronica Nicholson
Saturday 6 July, 7pm – Saturday 13 July, 1pm–Read more–

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2019 Facing Loss, Healing Grief July

Facing Loss, Healing Grief

with Bernie Jeffery and John Douglas
Friday 19 July, 8pm to Sunday 21 July, 1pm

Suitable for those who are personally experiencing bereavement.


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2019 Contentment: The Greatest Treasure July

Contentment: The Greatest Treasure

For over-50s with Susan Browne
Tuesday 23 July, 11am to Thursday 25 July, 1pm


  • Guided meditation and contemplations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Time for rest, relaxation and enjoying nature

As we age –Read more–

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2019 Healing Relationships July

Healing Relationships

with Rosamund Oliver
Friday 26 July, 8pm to Sunday 28 July, 1pm

The aim of this retreat is to support our own healing, self-compassion and a process of forgiveness; –Read more–

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2019 Contemplative Walking August

Contemplative Walking

Bank Holiday Weekend
with John Douglas
Friday 2 August, 8pm to Monday 5 August, 2pm


  • Integrating mindfulness into activity
  • Relaxed daily ambles of 5 to 9 km –Read more–
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2019 Medical QiGong

Medical QiGong

For Beginners with Tony Walsh
Friday 23 August, 8pm to Sunday 25 August, 2pm

Practised in China by young and old alike for over a thousand years Medical Qigong –Read more–

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2019 Chagdud Khadro

Radical Responsibility

The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind
With Chagdud Khadro
Friday 6 September, 8pm to Sunday 8 September, 1pm

Everyone is welcome to this retreat and –Read more–

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