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Teacher Biographies

Dzogchen Beara Teacher Biographies

Valerie has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for over 25 years and has done a number of long term practice retreats including a three year retreat in this tradition.

For the –Read more–

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Temple Summer Programme

Temple Programme July – August

A Beacon of Wisdom and Compassion for the Modern World
Open Daily | Everyone Welcome | 17 July to 26 August

Whether you are just curious, new –Read more–

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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

First Teachings in the Temple
Friday 12 July, 7:30pm to Sunday 14 July, 1pm

We are delighted to announce we are getting ready to host the –Read more–

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Time to Meditate Online

Time to Meditate – Online

Free Online Guided Meditations
Tuesday Mornings, 9.15am to 10am (Irish Time)

Join us every Tuesday morning at 9:15am for a free 45 minute guided meditation –Read more–

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Loving Kindness Meditation – Online

Loving Kindness Meditation – Online

Free Online Guided Loving Kindness Meditations
Thursday Mornings, 9.15am to 10am (Irish Time)

“The water of compassion courses through the canal of loving kindness”. -Maitreya

Join –Read more–

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You Tube

You Tube Guided Meditations – Online

A Selection of Dzogchen Beara Guided Meditations
Loving Kindness, Guided Meditation, Tonglen and more

On this page you’ll find a small selection of guided meditations –Read more–

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Local Deities Day

Local Deities Day

Universal Prayer Day
Saturday 22 June

We warmly invite you to join the practice at Dzogchen Beara on this day which is considered an especially powerful day for –Read more–

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Establishing the Lineage

Establishing the Practice Lineage in the Temple

Tuesday 9 July to Friday 12 July

Join us in establishing the practices in the new Temple at Dzogchen Beara!

Beginning on Chökhor Düchen (July 9th) we will –Read more–

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