Rigpa Events

Rigdzin Düpa Practice Intensive

29 – 31 January 2021

“Practice Intensive” means that we immerse ourselves as a group, in the practice for a period of time, here three days.

You are welcome to participate if you have a Guru Rinpoche empowerment and are familiar with practising sadhanas such as Tendrel Nyesel.

Sunday 31st January is –Read more–

Five-Day Yang Nying Pudri Drupchö

7 – 11 February 2021

Drupchö is a form of intensive group practice which epitomizes the depth and power of the Vajrayana.

This Yang Nying Pudri drupchö will be suitable for those who have a Vajrakilaya empowerment and are already practising sadhanas such as Tendrel Nyesel.

There is no fee to –Read more–

Riwo Sangchö & Wang Dü Intensive

13- 16 February 2021

Riwo Sangchö, ‘The Mountain Smoke Offering’, comes from the viewpoint of Dzogchen. It is really the best practice to remove obstacles and fulfill both temporary and long-term wishes. Done daily at Dzogchen Beara, during this time we will accumulate a bit more each day. You –Read more–