Move2Meditate Kum Nye Yoga

Move 2 Meditate

Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) & Meditation
Friday Mornings 10:30am to 12pm, May to September

Simple movement and breathing exercises – suitable for people of all ages and –Read more–

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Deep Listening Intensive

Deep Listening Intensive

Transforming Communication at all Levels
with Rosamund Oliver and John Douglas
Wednesday 27 September, 8pm to Sunday 1 October, 1:30pm

Deep –Read more–

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Mountain Stream (Oct)

Mountain Stream Practice

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Meditation
with Matt Padwick – Suitable for Beginners
Tuesday 3 October, 11am – Thursday 5 October, 1pm

Based on traditional –Read more–

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Making Friends With Death

Making Friends With Death

with Kirsten DeLeo
Friday 6 October, 7:30pm, to Sunday 8 October, 1pm

Renowned author and meditation teacher Kirsten DeLeo takes us on a journey to transform fears –Read more–

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Authentic Presence Immersion

Authentic Presence Immersion

Training in the Contemplative-based Approach to End-of-Life Care
Saturday 14 October, 3pm to Saturday 21 October, 1pm
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland: 35 Continuing Education Units –Read more–

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From Calm to Clarity

From Calm to Clarity

Bank Holiday Weekend Retreat with Verena Pfeiffer
Friday 27 October, 7.30pm to  Monday 30 October, 1pm

Join us for this practice retreat with a special focus on –Read more–

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Loving Kindness Weekend

Loving Kindness

Setting the Heart Free
Friday 10 November, 7:30pm to Sunday 12 November, 1pm

Join us for a transformative weekend retreat centered around Loving Kindness meditation, –Read more–

Loving Kindness Weekend2023-07-20T15:33:51+01:00

Mind, Body & Spirit

Mind, Body & Spirit

A Self-Care Retreat for Family Carers and Care Professionals
with Kirsten DeLeo & Matt Padwick
Tuesday November 7, 11am to Thursday November 9, 1pm
–Read more–

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Natural Great Peace

Natural Great Peace

with Olivier Riche, Veronica Nicholson and Andrew Warr
Friday 24 November, 11am to Thursday 30 November, 1pm

This retreat is specifically designed for those with some experience of –Read more–

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