Open Mind Open Heart 2022

Open Mind, Open Heart

Monday Mornings Mini-Retreat
10:30am to 2pm (includes vegetarian lunch)

These mini-retreats are suitable for everyone, no experience needed, seats provided and no special postures required!

Relaxed drop-in –Read more–

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2022 Enter into the Tao

East Asian Calligraphy

Enter into the Tao with Yingge Xu
Friday July 22, 3pm to Sunday July 24, 1pm

“Tao/Dao” (“道”) means “way”, but can also be translated as “method” or –Read more–

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2022 Natural Great Peace

Natural Great Peace

with Andrew Warr, Veronica Nicholson and Olivier Riche
Saturday 26 November, 11am to Friday 2 December, 1pm

This retreat is open to anyone with previous experience of meditation.


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