Daily Meditation

Release and relax in our Shrine Room with clifftop ocean views.
(During retreats, daily drop-in meditation is in the Spiritual Care Centre Meditation Room.)

No Meditation on Bank Holidays
Monday to Friday, 9:15am to 10am

From Tuesday 7th to Friday 17th May our meditation classes will be in our Spiritual care Centre.

Meditation is bringing the mind back home, and this is first achieved through the practice of mindfulness.

Once an old woman came to Buddha and asked him how to meditate. He told her to remain aware of every movement of her hands as she drew the water from the well, knowing that if she did, she would soon find herself in that state of alert and spacious calm that is meditation.

The practice of mindfulness, of bringing the scattered mind home, and so of bringing the different aspects of our being into focus, is called ‘Peacefully Remaining’ or ‘Calm Abiding’. This is the first practice on the Buddhist path of meditation.

Every session is suitable for beginners and is guided by an experienced instructor. You can sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor, wherever you are comfortable and there are no difficult postures or complicated techniques.

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