On Target for 2021 Inauguration

We recently passed the three year mark since construction began on the temple, on the 6th of April 2016.

It has been an extraordinary journey with thousands of donors from around the world contributing to getting us this far in building a beacon of compassion and wisdom to shine on the Atlantic cliffs of the southwesternmost tip of Europe.

Every donor’s name has been added to a scroll that will be placed in a gilded copper tube to be enshrined in the completed temple. The intentions of all donors are also prayed for during the daily spiritual practices of the Dzogchen Beara community.

We need €1.4 million to complete the temple, including copper roofs and sacred decoration. Please give what you can to help keep this historic building on target.

You can make a financial offering of any amount here. You can dedicate your donation for a special intention and have your name or the name of someone else added to the scroll of donors.

Great masters and our engineers agree that the temple is being built to last for a thousand years.

Every Friday on Facebook we’re taking a look back on the work and the people involved. Follow us on Facebook to connect with the ongoing story of Ireland’s first Buddhist temple and to watch ‘Friday flashback videos’, tracing the story from the digging of the foundations to the planting of a wood of 365 native trees on the cliffs behind the temple.

Visit the temple sponsors’ shop to fund parts of the temple connected to the elements. Plant a tree (Earth) for €21, sponsor a downpipe for €108 (Water), offer €750 for a fan (Air), light the Sambhogakaya Temple (Fire) for €10,000 or gift €16,000 to wire the temple for sound (Space).

Here are some of the videos from our Facebook Friday Flashback series.

Preliminary works by engineers and excavators, leading to digging the foundations.

Digging the foundation which then gets its first blessing.

Beginning the foundation and bringing it to floor level. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche also pays a visit and blesses the site.

Finishing of the first contract and preparation for the block work to begin. Some of the team while in Lerab Ling present the project to Mayum Tsering Wangmo.