School Visits

Keeping our minds healthy is essential for young people today and this is being acknowledged more and more in schools in Ireland. Dzogchen Beara offers visits for primary and secondary schools who wish to get to know the centre, receive an introduction to meditation & Buddhism, have a tour of the site or even stay for vegetarian lunch. We can cater to your needs so get in touch for further information.

Research has shown that meditation improves focus and concentration, promotes emotional well-being by helping with stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, reduces pain, improves cardiovascular health and immunity and enhances self-awareness.

A typical visit includes:

  • Introduction to a simple method of meditation for calming the mind
  • Introduction to Loving Kindness meditation for developing kindness towards both ourselves
  • Short Video Presentations
  • History of Buddhism and the centre
  • Time for questions and discussion
  • A tour of the grounds including the new temple, Spiritual Care Centre, gardens and stupa (Buddhist monument)
  • Visit to our Cafe/Gift Shop
  • Vegetarian lunch
How to Organise Your Visit

If you’d like to discuss a visit for your school or organisation, please fill in this Expression of Interest form and we will be in touch with you soon.