Steps to Freedom

Stages of the Spiritual Path
with Susan Browne & Anne Sheehan

Friday 13 September, 7.30pm to Sunday 15 September, 1pm

You may have attended a meditation course or retreat and have a daily meditation practice, which is wonderful. But do you know that you can progress further and go deeper into learning how to transform unhelpful negative thoughts and emotions? The essence of all Buddhist teachings is to arrive at lasting peace and happiness through transforming the mind. You can free yourself.

During this weekend, the progression of steps on the Buddhist path will be outlined in a very essential, experiential, and understandable way. The Buddhist path begins and ends with meditation, which will be the foundation of our practices during the weekend. The different stages in training in love and compassion will be outlined together with a selection of guided practices.

We will look at what is meant by ego, the view of interdependence, and karma. Understanding the mind and its nature is a crucial part of the path. We will also explore how we can purify and transform our minds, embody wisdom and compassion and what enlightenment and freedom mean. Emphasis is placed on applying these Buddhist principles and practices to our own mind, habits and emotions in a way that brings benefit to all areas of our lives.

In the spirit of the Buddha, individuals are encouraged to question, clarify, explore and test the teachings and practices until they arrive at a personal conviction. There will be time for exploring the topics, small group discussions, guided meditations and contemplations, and as well as seeing how to continue afterwards.

This event is suitable for those who have already attended a weekend retreat or course on meditation or loving-kindness and compassion.

I would absolutely recommend Anne and Susan’s retreat. Their pacing, knowledge as well as how they explained and conveyed everything was really helpful. I am so glad I came.” Mel

Donation Based Events

We are offering this retreat on the basis of Dāna (Generosity) as it’s our heartfelt wish that finances should not be a barrier for people wishing to attend events – so for this event we do not set a retreat fee and charge only to cover catering costs.

You are invited to make a financial offering according to your means, to help cover the costs of hosting the retreat and to ensure that such events continue into the future, but there is no obligation.

Dzogchen Beara is a not-for-profit charity and all of our income goes directly to supporting the Dharma and all who benefit from the Centre.


The retreat will be held in our new Dzogchen Beara Temple. With expansive views across the bay, the temple is a modern example of a traditional Tibetan monastery, a form of architecture designed to be an inspiring symbol of the Buddha’s teachings for our times.


Vegetarian lunches and evening meals are provided as part of your fee.

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Susan Browne
Susan Browne
Susan Browne has over 30 years experience of Buddhist meditation and compassion practices. She has been guiding groups and individuals in retreat over the past 25 years, both at Dzogchen Beara, and at the Institute of Wisdom and Compassion, France. She herself has completed several years of closed retreat and many in-depth studies.
Susan specialises in one-on-one and small group sessions, giving guidance on meditation methods that best help move through challenges one is facing.
Anne Sheehan
Anne Sheehan
Anne Sheehan has spent many years studying and practising meditation. She is an experienced instructor who has an ability to communicate the depth of the Buddhist teachings in a very accessible way. She regularly instructs on Meditation and Loving Kindness on events at Dzogchen Beara Retreat Centre and at Rigpa Centres throughout Ireland.