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A message from the founder of Dzogchen Beara

In 1992, when Peter and Harriet Cornish gifted the lands and buildings of Dzogchen Beara to a charitable trust, they began a chain of generosity that continues to this day.

This Christmas Peter wants to express his gratitude to everyone supporting the inspirational project now underway at Dzogchen Beara: The building of a temple, to be a beacon of wisdom and compassion for our uncertain times.

December 2017

“Since childhood I lived with the dream of founding a place of escape for beings of a tightening world. In 1974 it began to come true on a terrace of cliffs where Bantry Bay joins the Atlantic. Where glimpses arise in the vast expanse that reflects our secret potential. Where we devoted our lives to creating this eyrie of freedom, and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of you who offered your time and resources. It is winter now, some 40 years later. Your love and its clarity are building a lighthouse of compassion and wisdom to shine from the west shore of Ireland. To guide us travellers home to our brilliant nature. In the name of all who find peace in this place, I say thank you.”

Please join the temple team today!

Help to keep building on schedule, by giving whatever you can.
We need to raise €900,000 by February!

The first 100 donors of €108 or more, will receive the gift of a signed copy of Peter’s captivating memoir, Dazzled by Daylight, the story of the birth of Dzogchen Beara.

The names of all donors will be written on a scroll to be placed in a gilded casket and enshrined in the temple when it is finished. Click for bank transfer details.

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If you have questions about any aspect of the temple project, how to make a donation or what tax benefits are available, please email here.