Art and Meditation

Mid-week Retreat with David Rycroft
Tuesday 13 June, 11am to Friday 16 June, 1pm

A new workshop exploring how artistic activity and meditation mutually nourish each other. By alternating art and meditation, we bring freshness and ease to our meditation and allow our creative riches to emerge!

This event is an invitation to explore our own creativity. In the uniquely inspiring environment of Dzogchen Beara and held in the warm atmosphere of mutual support, we will all have plenty of time and space to delve into the richness of our own creativity.

With the help of art exercises, one-to-one conversations and group sharing, and with references to both Buddhist philosophy and art history, we will enrich our capacity for artistic expression.

Grounded in meditation, we see if we can bring a natural ease, presence and sparkle into our artistic activity. And if we notice how easy it is to become awkward and self-critical, we can play with that too!

A series of art exercises invite us to

  • Look at the world in a fresh way, unencumbered by our usual concepts,
  • Tap into our intuition and inner powers of inspiration

Meditation sessions will give us the opportunity to

  • Change our attitude towards self-critical thoughts and comments
  • Find relaxation, without losing clarity

There will be plenty of space for sharing connecting with others.

All materials are included. All levels of artistic and meditative experience are welcome!

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Fee: €340
Concession: €290

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David Rycroft
David Rycroft
David Rycroft is an international artist whose paintings celebrate the vitality, balance and naturalness of both the physical world and the human spirit. He has been teaching art and meditation for over 20 years.

After exhibitions in Paris (UNESCO) and London, his most recent work, “Arbres de Lumières”, can be seen at the Galerie Ancien Courrier in Montpellier.

David has a Masters in Buddhist Studies and is co-founder of Mind With Heart, an international charity bringing tools for emotional health into schools.