Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness is an Inside Job

Exploring the Four Immeasurables
with Veronica Nicholson and John Douglas
Friday 29 March, 7.30pm to Monday 1 April, 1pm

We all wish –Read more–

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The Practice of Tonglen

The Practice of Tonglen

How to open our hearts and change our world, one breath at a time
Bank Holiday Retreat with Kirsten DeLeo
Friday 3 May, 7:30pm to Monday –Read more–

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Facing Loss, Healing Grief (May)

Facing Loss, Healing Grief

with Bernie Jeffery and John Douglas
Friday 10 May, 7.30pm to Sunday 12 May, 1pm

Grief is a natural response to the ongoing loss we experience when –Read more–

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Moving Into Meditation

Moving Into Meditation

5 Day Silent Meditation Retreat supported by Tibetan Yoga
with Kirsten DeLeo & Matt Padwick
Wednesday 15 May, 11am to Sunday 19 May, 1pm

This –Read more–

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Finding Self Compassion

Finding Self Compassion

In our Everyday Lives
Weekend Retreat with John Douglas
Friday 31 May, 7:30pm to Monday 3 June, 1pm

For most of us, having a good –Read more–

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Art & Meditation

Art and Meditation

Wisdom in Colour: Open Mind and Fearless Creativity
Mid-week Retreat with David Rycroft
Tuesday 11 June, 11am to Friday 14 June, 1pm

A new workshop –Read more–

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Deep Listening Intensive

Deep Listening Intensive

Transforming Communication at all Levels
with Rosamund Oliver and John Douglas
Wednesday 2 October, 8pm to Sunday 6 October, 1:30pm 2024
–Read more–

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Embracing Change

Embracing Change – Online

8 Week Online Course
Cultivating Resilience through the Wisdom of Contemplation
with Susan Browne and Anne Sheehan
Thursdays 7pm to 8.30pm, 17 October –Read more–

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A Spiritual Approach to Healing

A Spiritual Approach to Healing

with Alain Beauregard
Friday 18 October, 7:30pm to Sunday 20 October, 1pm

Tibetan Buddhists often consider a major disease like cancer to be a wake-up call. –Read more–

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