Loving Kindness Meditation – Online

Free Online Guided Loving Kindness Meditations
Thursday Mornings, 9.15am to 10am (Irish Time)

We’re taking a break for July and August and will return in September.

“The water of compassion courses through the canal of loving kindness”. -Maitreya

Join us every Thursday morning at 9:15am for a free 45 minute guided loving kindness meditation with one of our experienced meditation instructors. Loving-kindness meditation can be practiced by anyone, people of all faiths or none. All are welcome to attend, no prior experience needed.

From the Buddhist point of view, love is the wish that living beings find happiness and its causes. One of the meditation practices that helps us cultivate this wish for others happiness is called ‘loving kindness’, or metta in the Pali language. It carries a sense of unconditional warm-heartedness and kindness, a kind of deep caring, tenderness, a good heart.

When our hearts and minds are filled with love we naturally experience happiness and well-being. Loving Kindness meditation is a method that helps us to develop a more and more unconditional love, starting with developing a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and then extending that out into all our relationships and ultimately to all beings.

“Having been fortunate to attend retreats on Loving Kindness, I was so thankful to Dzogchen Beara for these weekly online Loving Kindness sessions every Thursday, to help me reconnect with the practice at a time where kindness was so essential. Would heartily recommend taking part in such a wonderful online community experience.” -Angela Cooney

“Loving Kindness meditation has been a highlight for my heart and soul. Each week has been a kind of adventure bringing me deeper into myself, lighting and piercing clouds of doubt, judgement and untruth with gentleness. Powerful stuff”. -Maura Dunne

“It’s of huge benefit to my meditation and loving kindness practice to be able to join online twice weekly. Your teachers are all amazing and so kind and supportive. Thank you. ” Margaret Ireland

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We’re taking a break for July and August and will return in September. Thanks for joining us over the past few months. We’re opening the new temple this summer so hopefully see you there! See here to find out more.

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