A Spiritual Approach to Healing

with Alain Beauregard
Friday 18 October, 7:30pm to Sunday 20 October, 1pm

Tibetan Buddhists often consider a major disease like cancer to be a wake-up call. But can our mind help us with our own healing? And what are the different approaches to understanding how this can be possible?

When we look at some of the deeper aspects of our being, like spirituality and decide to radically change the way we have been living so far, it may be possible to heal our entire being.

During this weekend program held by Alain Beauregard, we will explore the path of healing from a spiritual and emotional perspective, based on Alain’s experience of healing a terminal cancer.

We will explore four main themes:

  • Our fundamental nature – a source of healing
  • Meditation – a practice to heal our being
  • Discovering the source of love within ourselves – to accept and become friends with ourselves
  • Visualizing and invoking – another way to heal our being

Practices such as meditation, compassion and visualization can help us to understand and actualize the transformative potential of illnesses as we face the different treatments we may have to undergo while fighting a disease.

This approach introduces a holistic view on the topic of healing that allows us to deal with all physical, mental, and emotional suffering. It considers healing from the perspective of our entire being, not just the body. Whether the body dies or not, one can still live a profound experience of healing, hence being better prepared for death.

IMPORTANT – In case of serious illness, Tibetan teachers strongly advise everyone to primarily follow an appropriate medical treatment and benefit from a spiritual approach in addition.


The retreat will be held in our new Dzogchen Beara Temple. With expansive views across the bay, the temple is a modern example of a traditional Tibetan monastery, a form of architecture designed to be an inspiring symbol of the Buddha’s teachings for our times.


Delicious two course vegetarian lunches, with soup and bread in the evenings. Cooked with love at Dzogchen Beara, using homegrown and organic ingredients whenever possible. Tea and coffee.

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Alain Beauregard
Alain BeauregardBuddhist Teacher - Physicist and Entrepreneur
Alain Beauregard is a certified Rigpa senior teacher as well as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism since 1995. He is a physicist by training and a high-tech entrepreneur. Alain lives in Montreal and has been teaching healing internationally since 2011, based on his own healing story.
At the age of 46, Alain was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer which was inoperable and had spread to such a point that his doctors said he was incurable. In less than 3 months of receiving chemotherapy combined with working on the emotional cause of disease and doing spiritual healing practices, his cancer went into complete remission. Alain has been cancer-free to this date.
This life-changing experience inspired Alain to give public talks and workshops about the powerful tools that Tibetan Buddhism offers to deepen our perspective on illness and introduce us to a holistic approach to healing that considers our entire being, not just the body.