You Tube Guided Meditations – Online

A Selection of Dzogchen Beara Guided Meditations
Loving Kindness, Guided Meditation, Tonglen and more

On this page you’ll find a small selection of guided meditations from some of our teachers on various themes and topics from Loving Kindness meditations to guided practices on physical sensations, to Tonglen and practices for the moment of death. These videos are streamed from our Dzogchen Beara You Tube channel which are welcome to follow and subscribe to here.

So sit back relax and enjoy a few moments of calm and kindness. Enjoy!

Loving Kindness for Difficult Feelings with Anne Sheehan

The Heart Practice for Difficult Times (Full Practice) with John Douglas

Circle of Love with Andrew Warr

Calming the mind and overcoming anxiety with Kirsten DeLeo

Essential Phowa Practice with Christine Bagley

Christine Longaker guides a “Worthy of Love Practice”

Shamatha with Support of Physical Sensations plus Gratitude for our Body – Veronica Nicholson

Loving Kindness for a Good Friend with Anne Sheehan

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