Contentment: The Greatest Treasure

Contentment: The Greatest Treasure

For over-50s with Susan Browne
Tuesday 23 July, 11am to Thursday 25 July, 1pm


  • Guided meditation and contemplations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Time for rest, relaxation and enjoying –Read more–
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Open Mind – Open Heart

Open Mind – Open Heart

‘Monday and Thursday morning sessions’
Every Thursday 10am to 1pm and additionally Mondays during the summer

Relaxed drop-in sessions with experienced instructors; introducing simple yet profound –Read more–

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2019 Healing Relationships July

Healing Relationships

with Rosamund Oliver and John Douglas
Friday 26 July, 8pm to Sunday 28 July, 1pm

During this weekend we focus on both compassion for ourself as well as ways –Read more–

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2019 Contemplative Walking August

Contemplative Walking

Bank Holiday Weekend
with John Douglas
Friday 2 August, 8pm to Monday 5 August, 2pm


  • Integrating mindfulness into activity
  • Relaxed daily ambles of 5 to 9 km –Read more–
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2019 Medical QiGong

Medical QiGong

Medical Qigong for Beginners and Improvers with Tony Walsh
Friday 23 August, 8pm to Sunday 25 August, 2pm
Practiced in China by young and old alike for over one –Read more–

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2019 Chagdud Khadro

Radical Responsibility

The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind
With Chagdud Khadro
Friday 6 September, 8pm to Sunday 8 September, 1pm

Everyone is welcome to this retreat and –Read more–

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2019 Kum Nye Yoga

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Body & Mind, Comfort & Ease
Free Spirit event with Matt Padwick
Tuesday 24 September, 11am to Thursday 26 September, 1pm

Everyone is welcome –Read more–

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2019 Deep Listening

Deep Listening

with Rosamund Oliver
Wednesday 2 October, 8pm to Sunday 6 October, 1:30pm

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland: Continuing Education Units pending
Irish College of General Practitioners: 23.5 CPD –Read more–

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