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What Meditation Really Is course

Sogyal Rinpoche 21-23 Nov.
Dynamic, spontaneous and intimate teachings on understanding the mind and meditation from the author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
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Andrew Warr

Cultivating Self-Compassion 12-16 Nov
A retreat with Christine Longaker. Through cultivating self-compassion we can learn to accept our difficulties and limitations with a heart of unconditional understanding and love.
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Meditation as a Way of Being 18-20 November
Free Spirit event: Catering-only fee.
How meditation can help us face the challenges of ageing, with Christine Whiteside.
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Sogyal Rinpoche in Dzogchen Beara

Natural Great Peace 6-12 December
Free Spirit event: Catering-only fee.
A complete introduction to meditation with Andrew Warr including posture, method and integrating the practice in our daily life.
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Upcoming events

Cultivating Self-Compassion - a 4-day event with Christine Longaker
2.30pm Wednesday 12th 1pm Sunday 16th November
Meditation as a Way of Being - - how a meditation practice can help us face the challenges of ageing.
11am Tuesday 18th to 4pm Thursday 20th November
Sogyal Rinpoche
8pm Friday 21st to 4pm Sunday 23rd November2014
Facing Loss, Healing Grief - Supporting the personal experience of bereavement and loss
8pm Friday 28th to 1pm Sunday 30th November
Natural Great Peace - - a 7-day meditation retreat
6pm Saturday 6th to 1pm Friday 12th December
Finding Peace - What Meditation Really is
8pm Friday 12th to 1pm Sunday 14th December
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