Upcoming Events

Finding Peace

Learn how to meditate and to bring its benefit into daily life
with Andrew Warr
Friday 17 January, 8pm to Sunday 19 January, 1pm

  Everyone is welcome to this retreat and no prior experience of meditation is needed.


Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga

Thursday afternoon 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Meditation through Movement (Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga)

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Kum Nye’s movement and breathing exercises restore the body’s natural rhythms and calm the mind – making it a very effective gateway to meditation practice, and support as –Read more–

Open Mind – Open Heart

Every Thursday morning 10am to 1pm

Relaxed drop-in sessions with experienced instructors; introducing simple yet profound methods of meditation and contemplation, that can help bring ease, insight and inspiration into your life, to benefit yourself and others. Everyone is welcome to attend any session.

Thursday 12 Dec – Self-Compassion –Read more–

Healing Meditation

To help prepare for someone’s death and after they have died
First Wednesday of every month 6pm to 7pm (NB as Jan 1st is a holiday this month it will be on Wed 8th)

Learn a simple visualisation practice from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition which helps us to prepare –Read more–

Taking Charge of your Life

with Kirsten DeLeo
Friday 24 January, 8pm – Sunday 26 January, 1pm This is a highly participatory programme.


  • Guided mindful and meditative methods that can be integrated into professional and personal life
  • Methods for connecting with our deeper motivations and resourcing our own inner wisdom and –Read more–

Loving Kindness Week

Discovering the True Nature of Love
with Andrew Warr
Saturday 8 February, 7pm to Saturday 15 February, 1pm

  Everyone is welcome to this retreat and no prior experience of meditation is needed.


Medical QiGong

Medical Qigong for Beginners and Improvers with Tony Walsh
Friday 6 March, 8pm to Sunday 8 March, 1pm
Practiced in China by young and old alike for over one thousand years Medical Qigong is a complete healthcare system. Its gentle flowing movements, integrated breathing and meditative awareness invigorates our –Read more–

Deep Listening Essentials

with John Douglas
Friday 13 March, 8pm to Sunday 15 March, 3:30pm

Our annual Deep Listening Intensive, held over four days every October is one of our most popular and enduring courses and receives annual accreditation with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation and –Read more–

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Body & Mind, Comfort & Ease
No Fee event with Matt Padwick
Tuesday 24th March, 11am to Thursday 26th March, 1pm
Everyone is welcome to this retreat and no prior experience of yoga or meditation is needed.

Based on traditional Tibetan healing practices, and suitable –Read more–